39. Can any human being by his own efforts merit or earn acceptance before God?

ANS: No. By any attempt at justification by good works or self-effort, man only sets himself against the grace of God in his own inescapably sinful self-righteousness.

SEE: Isa 64:; Titus 3:5; Luke 18:9-14; Rom 1:16-17; Rom 3:9-18; Rom 5:1; Rom 10:1-4; Eph 1:6-7, Eph 2:8-10

40. According to the Scriptures, what has God given to keep man from attempting to save himself by his own effort or works?

ANS: God has given His moral Law to reveal his righteous character, reveal his standard for man, expose sin and lead sinners to Christ for salvation.

SEE: Deut 6:4-5; Gal 3:24; Ex 20:1-17; Matt 22:36-40; Rom 7:7-14; Rom 8:1-4; 1 Tim 1:5-11.

41. Has the Law been abrogated by the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ?

ANS: The Law of God has not been abrogated by the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rather, its content has been modified and its administration has been changed.

SEE: Ex 20:1-3; Rom 7:12; Matt 5:17-19; Rom 8:4; Rom 10:4; Ex 201:1-17; Deut 5:1-22; Matt 26:36-40’ Rom 7:7-14, Rom 8:1-9; 1 Tim 1:5-11

42. What is the relationship between the Law and the Gospel?

ANS: The Law and the Gospel are not contradictory, but complementary. The law is to be preached evangelically and the gospel must not be preached legalistically.

SEE: Rom 3:20; Gal 3:23-24; 1 Tim 1:8