Mission Work

Our Family

We are the Johnsons. My wife and I, both born and raised in Northern California, have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for the past ten years where all of our five children have been born. Please pray for my wife, she is expecting our sixth child.

My mother, also a native Californian, lives with us and helps with the schooling of the children. It is our prayer that God will use our family for His glory.

Our Vision

Thailand has been called the land of temples with 32,000 temples dotting the country. There are also massive idols build in many parts of the countryside, and the Thai people really take their statues seriously. I saw giant billboards at the airport demanding everyone to respect the various idols of Buddha in the country.

Imagine the land of temples changed into the land of churches. After learning the language, our vision is to preach the gospel and plant New Testament Baptist churches to the glory of God. Through hard work and prayer I believe that God will save men and call them to pastor the churches we plant and establish in Chiang Mai.

My wife and I both went to Antioch Baptist College and Seminary where I graduated with a Bachelors in Pastoral Studies and she worked through their program for pastor’s wives. We hare just starting out on deputation and are confident that the Lord will provide all of out needed financial support. It is our goal to be on the mission field in the beginning of January 2020, and are prayerfully looking to the Lord to provide for the needs so that we meet our departure date.

If your church would like to contact Brother Johnson and have him present his work his website address is www.newtbc.com. His email address is ntbcpastor@gmail.com